“Skin”ny Truth and Bad Driver Bulletin

Sanitize with Your Pumpskin Those addictive, sugary mallowcreme pumpkins may not do the trick, but it turns out that your carved critter may be useful year-round. The shell of pumpkins can be turned into an extract that prevents yeast infections in humans, a study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found. Pumpkin shells display antibacterial properties, an especially useful quality as scientists are worrying about ...continue reading

Halloween-Inspired Strength Training

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbubNrwpb5k With Halloween a few short days away, it’s likely that your home, office and/or school is loaded with treats. It’s great to treat yourself to a few pieces, but there are other ways to celebrate the holiday… Try my suggestion of how to make your Halloween healthy with a spook-inspired move: the deadlift. Take a peek at the latest installment of Healthful Bites videos, grab some ...continue reading

Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy Podcast

Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy PodcastIf you haven’t had a chance to catch my first radio interview, you can take a listen here! Simply click on the title above and hit the play button at the top of the page that opens. Or scroll down and subscribe to the Podcast to have new episodes delivered to your iTunes every week! ...continue reading

Worth the Trip

My Mom, sister Sarah and I made a trip to Chicago a few months ago to see the musical Jersey Boys and experience other fun things bigger cities have to offer. One of those great things: fantastic healthy restaurant options! I took a hint from my friend and blogger extraordinaire Jenn and led my family to Karyn’s Cooked. The Karyn behind the “Conscious Comfort Food” restaurant is Karyn Calabrese, a holistic health ...continue reading

Don’t Call it a Comeback

Cookie Monster Have you heard of the “Cookie Diet?” It’s been around the block a time or two after it was introduced in the 1970s. Many are claiming that the bakery-based diet is back in style, since cookies are now available for purchase online. Plus numerous celebrities have been spotted with the designer cookies, including Denise Richards, Jennifer Hudson and Kim Kardashian. The cookies on various cookie diets claim ...continue reading

Radio Debut!

I am so excited to announce that I will be making my radio/podcast debut in just two short days on the Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy show! The show airs live in Atlanta every Thursday, but can be downloaded for your listening pleasure at any time on iTunes. (I believe it is also streamed live online. Updates about each interview’s stream can be found on Thursdays by following @FatGuy on Twitter.) My interview will be about 10 ...continue reading