Peanut…Hold the Butter?

Hello again! I missed you all—hope all of my American friends enjoyed a family- and fun-filled Thanksgiving (and hope the rest of you just had a relaxing end to your week)! Today, I’m highlighting another food product I enjoy: powdered peanut butter. It may sound completely strange to those of you who have never heard of it, but perhaps after this brief introduction, you’ll be looking for it on store shelves near ...continue reading

Happy, Merry, Joyous Tweetsgiving!

What is Tweetsgiving, you ask? It’s a web-based celebration around Thanksgiving that encourages bloggers, Twitter posters and other Internet users to share what they are thankful for. Showing gratitude is something that I treasure, yet never really get around to doing often enough (similar to down time for some, exercise for others…), so there is no better time than now. Thanks for the kick in the right direction Epic ...continue reading

Thankful for Good Nutrition!

Listen to many health reports about Thanksgiving and you’ll be pushing away from the table feeling like a certain farm animal, whether it’s a stuffed turkey, a slothful pig or a chewing cow. Well, I think it’s time that Thanksgiving, and everyone partaking in it, got a little break! While tables packed full of bountiful, gorgeous goodies can help you rack up calorie and fat counts quickly, this day does only come around ...continue reading

Smoking: It’s a Drag

In honor of the American Cancer Society’s Great America Smokeout (today!), let’s take a look at the latest research and initiatives related to the habit. Even if you’re not a smoker, it’s likely that you have some opinion about nicotine use and public regulation. Plus, it’s always good to have some statistics and facts in your back pocket to share with someone who may downplay the effects of a smoking ...continue reading

Play With Plyometrics “Plyometrics: a type of exercise using explosive movements to develop muscular power, especially bounding, hopping or jumping” ( I’ve been a fan of plyometric exercises for quite some time: they add amazing intensity to a workout, plus it’s a fun way to switch up a usual gym routine. I was reminded of the fun of plyometrics this weekend, when I did my first ...continue reading Quiz time! (I swear, this won’t be as painful as calculus or physics) Today, I decided to try a new concept for my blog: a video for the healthy eating post. Sorry for the semi-shaky video. We’re working on improving that for the future :) Take a look and give your brain a bit of a workout! Here are the questions: What is a serving size for saltine crackers? 3 crackers 5 crackers 8 ...continue reading