Health News Lightning Round

The world of health news has been a tad slow as of late, with what seems like the majority of research and news outlets taking a holiday hiatus. Nonetheless, I am here to share with you some (hopefully) enlightening wellness facts today! I sifted through some choice recent health magazines and picked out some of my favorite scientific findings to share with you, my dear readers! Here are some fascinating findings that will help you start ...continue reading

Scratch the Resolutions

I’m what you could call somewhat anti-resolution… (Image from Said A Online) Something about the diet-centric, quick solution-search rubs me the wrong way, but I do like the idea of trying to make your life more like your personal ideal! I try to live life aiming for my goals throughout the year. Now that I’m a part of this lovely blog community, I figure I can use this platform to make some plans/goals I have public, ...continue reading

Shoulder Strength Moves New Year’s Eve fetes are just a few nights away and many shoulders will soon be on display in a slinky dress or two! Feeling a bit less than confident? Check out three of my favorite shoulder shapers that are sure to tone and strengthen your deltoids. While last-minute strength training might not make a huge dent in your shoulder strength goals, keep up with these exercises and your upper ...continue reading

Prep in a Flash, Save Some Cash! (Part 1)

One thing that calls my name nearly every time I step in the grocery store? Pre-cut produce. It’s so much simpler to grab a tub full of peeled, sliced kiwi; washed, de-stemmed berries; or sliced watermelon than to cut these items myself. However, I am my frugal mother’s daughter and can’t let myself take the easy route out if I can save a few pennies (or dollars at times!) Following that concept, I decided to dedicate ...continue reading To celebrate the holidays, super-blogger MizFit (AKA Carla!) thought up the great idea to host a virtual talent show. All healthy living bloggers interested in participating were asked to submit a video, write a post, rap a song, etc. showcasing a little-known talent. I had a hard time coming up with some special quality to post about, but finally came up with an idea last night. (I can make a ...continue reading

Top Triceps Toners Your biceps can easily get a good workout carrying in groceries, lifting up a toddler or toting textbooks to class. (Of course additional strength training in the gym is great for the front of the arms as well.) But the back of the arms? A little more difficult to strengthen through everyday activities. While the triceps require a bit more direct attention, this effort certainly pays off. You ...continue reading