Jason Stole My Heart

Jason and I first met about two years ago in a journalism class. See, I was writing an article about high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) for my magazine writing course when Jason popped into my life. Since then, our relationship has blossomed, although Jason and I haven’t been able to meet each other as much as we would like. You may be thinking, “Karla! You have been keeping secrets about a long-term romantic relationship for ...continue reading

Blank Boxes?

Another Label Spat… As we discussed in the infancy of my blog, Smart Choices is/was a quite controversial new food labeling program. Shortly after it hit the market, Smart Choices was shelved—most likely due to legal issues. This incident seemed to tear open the top (and apparently the sides) of the chip bag. Since then, health advocates have been openly sharing their feelings about label claims. Marion Nestle and Dr. David ...continue reading

Double Duty Strength Moves

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHYuqqR3gg8 One of my favorite ways to rack up an effective, heart pumping and muscle-sculpting workout? Performing upper and lower body strength moves in tandem! While working several muscle groups at once, your cardiovascular system begins to work a bit as well (in addition to the muscles targeted by the weights). Grab a medium-heavy pair of dumbbells and join me for three effective exercises! You can use ...continue reading

Holey Rollers

The folks at Holey Donuts were kind enough to include me in their latest blogger contest and I could not be more ecstatic! I first heard about these low fat, handmade donuts from Hungry Girl, and later heard the founder interviewed on Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy. Since first hearing about these pastries, I have wanted to try them, but had never gotten around to ordering them. Sadly, right now, Holey Donuts are only available via mail ...continue reading

tumblr_ky5omw5WFx1qa1vkp This Thursday, I made my latest visit to the Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy radio show! It was a great time, as usual. Dr. Adam, Lee and I discussed the Vancouver Olympics, exercise tunes and ways to spice-up indoor workouts. I’m the first guest after the introduction—I’d love it if you’d take a listen! :) Here are links to a few sites we discussed on the show: Exercise TV Yoga Download In ...continue reading


Extra Large-Style Spoiling by Grandma

Grandmas Gorging Kids? As the economy continues to be an issue, parents may turn to childcare methods that save cash. No one better, safer and more affordable than grandma, right? Maybe not if you’re worried about your child’s obesity risk, a study published in the International Journal of Obesity found. Researchers found that childcare by grandma can make tots 15 percent more likely to become overweight, compared to three ...continue reading