Lower Body Strengthen and Stretch

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJwsMcKEKAg To finish off our month-long Lower Body Burn training, join me to lengthen and stretch your hardworking muscles! Try to clear your mind and focus on relaxing and celebrating all the strength you’ve gained during the past four weeks :)  In case you missed them (or want to try them again!), here are the lower body blast strength videos: Lower Body Blast Stability Ball Lower Body Blast Ankle ...continue reading

Taking a Bite out of Baltimore

As everyone reading knows by now, I spent last weekend in Baltimore livin’ it up at Fitbloggin. The seminars at the conference were helpful, the food was tasty and the company was fantastic! Here’s a brief overview of some of the bites I took and great people I met while soaking up the sun in Maryland… When I hopped on my plane from Chicago, I saw someone sitting right in front of me with a notebook with ...continue reading

tumblr_kzynynzght1qa1vkp I made my monthly visit to the airwaves on the latest Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy show! We discussed Fitbloggin (expect a post about Baltimore/conference eats very soon) and a few new wellness-related product finds attendees were introduced to there. The interview was a blast as usual. Thanks Dr. Adam and Lee! A few sites I mentioned—in case you’re interested in learning more: Thriv Natural ...continue reading


Because We All Need a Reason and Reminder

To SMILE that is! :) This week, let’s put the spotlight on mental health—a crucial factor for a happy, healthy lifestyle.  Now we all have days every so often when we don’t feel very positive (for me Monday was an example)…but keeping a generally optimistic and favorable attitude can be a big health boon. Two new studies explore the causes and effects of chuckles and cheerfulness! Show Me Your Teeth You’ll ...continue reading

Lower Body Blast: Chair

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oD9alj2qrJk Call this the “take a seat” workout! Well, more like the grab a chair. You won’t be spending too much time in the seat, but it is a great tool for this lower body strength session! A couple variation tips: feel free to use a weight bench and bar/wall in place of the chair if you’re at the gym without a chair nearby. And when the first sit-to-stand moves becomes too easy, ...continue reading

Healthful Bites is Baltimore-Bound!

That’s right, Healthful Bites and I are taking a trip to the East Coast for the weekend. Why? I won a ticket to Fitbloggin from Diets in Review! I’m hoping to return with a wealth of new friends (I mean, look at all the amazing people coming!) and great ideas to make the blog more awesome. But for now, I’m hoping to fit all of my things for the weekend in one bag to carry on ;)  So please bear with me as I take a blog ...continue reading