The “Mad Men” Would be Fuming

No Ad Smokes We’ve talked about labeling debates with food products before here on Healthful Bites, and some health experts have said that fewer package health claims lead to less confused consumers. Australia may soon require that cigarette makers follow a similar idea, and Don Draper, for one, would not be happy about it! An anti-smoking initiative by Australia’s Prime Minister would require all cigarette manufacturers to ...continue reading

Powerful Plyometric Moves Back in November, I introduced some of my favorite plyometrics moves that you can include in your workout. Today, I have three more exercises that require no equipment, but get your heart pumping and your muscles (legs especially!) burning. A few tips: make sure that your knees don’t go past your toes during the plyo plies or the lunge and kicks. Feel free to do straight tuck jumps, rather ...continue reading

The Big Cheese of Cheese Wedges?

Ever since I discovered Laughing Cow cheese in my local grocery stores, I have had fun experimenting with the wonderful cheese wedge. I’m generally not a huge cheese fan. However, the flavor and nutrition of Laughing Cow is right up my alley!  So when Daniel, a representative for the new Weight Watchers cheese products (very similar to Laughing Cow) contacted me about trying them, I of course took him up on the offer! True story: I ...continue reading

What Moves You?

Race Reasoning Men and women may hit their strides for different reasons, research presented at a British Psychological Society conference recently reported. Males thrive on competition, while females appreciate mood boosts and potential weight loss. The researcher canvassed 900 newly-minted marathoners soon after they had finished their first race about why they entered the 26.2 mile gauntlet and asked whether they were interested in ...continue reading

Weighted Exercise Gloves Today’s video is something quick, simple and new to Healthful Bites: an exercise product recommendation! Have you tried weighted gloves? They add wonderful intensity to kickboxing and help you achieve the perfect weight level during your strength workout. Here’s a link to the pair I have been enjoying since I received them as a Christmas gift. In other news, we have a new giveaway to ...continue reading

Season’s Best

No, we’re not celebrating the holidays in April…The spring, and even summer-like, weather has me ready to explore the best offerings at farmers markets and other local produce vendors! Many environmentalists tout the values of shopping local and opting for seasonal fruits and vegetables. But what does that mean?  I’ve dug around on the Internet to find the greatest seasonal produce resources for you. And I would love ...continue reading