Upper Body Toning With Bands

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkFbGJCS7fM There’s no better lightweight strength tool than the resistance band. As we’ve discussed in the past, the multipurpose rubber band-like tool is a fantastic way to challenge your muscles in a different way than the usual weight routine. Today, we’re trying some upper body toners with the band so that you’ll feel confident rocking that tank top all summer long! These three moves focus on your ...continue reading

It’s Easy Eating Green…Here’s How!

As an post-work treat on Monday, I met a few new friends for dinner at a recently opened restaurant that can only be found in NYC and London: Otarian. I had seen ads all around town and online for this “green” restaurant and suggested it as a fun place to try. Especially after I found out that one of my fellow diners (hey Jennifer!) was the host and producer of an environment-focused radio show. Perfect! Despite some fairly ...continue reading

Set Yourself up for Health Success

Be Choosy We’ve heard that you shouldn’t grocery shop on an empty stomach because you’ll choose things to satisfy your raging hunger. But how does exercise and other types of bodily excitement fit into the choice equation? Apparently, the more “aroused” (this doesn’t quite seem like the correct word here, but I’ll use it since the scientists did!) you are, the harder it will be to resist ...continue reading

Lower Body Floor Routine

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jto9mo-0IIg A toned lower half will look bangin’ in your summer shorts or bathing suit this summer ;) While cardio and strength training are both crucial to achieve the muscles you want, these three moves will certainly help sculpt the muscles in your legs, glutes and even lower back! Remember to keep your abdominal muscles tight throughout these moves to support your lower back—it can take a ...continue reading

Four Ways to Save Dough on Food

We’ve talked a bit in the past about ways to save money on fare, but today I want to dedicate an entire post to a few cost-saving tips that I’ve picked up living in and visiting various cities in the past year or so! As an individual living on a budget, it can seem daunting to eat healthfully and inexpensively at the same time. The truth is, it can be a bit difficult! (And at times, I convince myself that I’d rather ...continue reading

Running on Through…

Today’s post has been pre-empted due to moving, a marvelous new job and other busy things! (Too bad one of those things as been a sore throat all week. What a great welcome present.) I’ll be back this weekend with a food-related post for all to enjoy :)  What a view! (Picture from my time in the city last summer. I promise I will be better about snapping pictures for an album this year in the coming days.)In the meantime, take a look at ...continue reading