Eats to Sleep Sounder; Fat or Obese?

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done my usual Good for you news post—it’s about time to get with it, don’t you think? Away we go! Nod Off Noshes Over the years, you’ve probably heard countless tips about foods that will induce sleep. That Thanksgiving feast makes you drowsy? Must be the turkey! Can’t put your mind to rest at the end of the day? Sip on a tall, warm glass of milk. While this ...continue reading

Resistance Abs Last week, the medicine ball added some challenge to core work. This week? Let’s try dumbbells! Extra weight isn’t needed with most ab moves, but when you’re ready to increase the burn and tone factor, grab a pair and join me during these exercises. Grab lighter weights to begin with for all of these moves (especially the side plank twist). Weighted gloves, filled water bottles ...continue reading

THE Versatile Veggie Dish You Need to Try this Summer!

Now that I am a true New Yorker, I have set a goal for myself to indulge in the best the city has to offer. One awesome perk? The Union Square Greenmarket, allegedly the “largest and most diverse outdoor urban farmers market network” in America. Despite being in the middle of the “concrete jungle,” there are rows upon rows of vendors selling fresh produce, farm-raised meats and hearty baked goods. Besides piles ...continue reading

The good news this week is brought to you by the Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy radio show! I was a guest on the show/podcast Thursday (one week after the amazing Bob Harper—hubba, hubba ;) ). Our topic: many of the great stories from the July/August issue of Fitness magazine! Want to learn more? Here are links to a few of the stories we discussed: Supercharge Your Metabolism: Keep your calorie burning body running on all ...continue reading

Lose the Love Handles Ah, the obliques. They can be cut and toned, they can be curvy and cute or they can be an area that is prone to pinching—in attempts to determine whether it’s time to focus on firming up or not. I find that my body prefers to store any extra fat in the oblique region, so in addition to cardio, I adore doing core work that focuses on strengthening the side abdominal muscles. Although there’s no ...continue reading

Best Shows for Kitchen Inspiration

You could say that my love for cooking shows began with the original incarnation of “Iron Chef.” Back in the early years of the Food Network and my junior high days, the Japanese game show was a weekly mainstay in my TV diet. This fascination was sparked, in part, by the fact that I would soon be taking Japanese in high school to fulfill my language credits and you could hear both the English and Japanese translations of the ...continue reading