New Freezer Find: A Creamy & Nutritious Treat!

Hungry Girl first hyped me to Arctic Zero. “You’re telling this guilt-free frozen treat fiend that she can have a protein-packed pint for about 150 calories? Sign me up!” I thought. But little did I know that Arctic Zero would prove to be as illusive as finding the real arctic in Iowa. ;) After seeing a mention on another blog recently about Arctic Zero, I decided to plug in my new haunt in the location finder on the AZ ...continue reading

New Lower Body Strength Challenge Having strong stems is important for your everyday activities, keeps your metabolism humming (thanks to those large muscle groups) and, of course, makes your legs and booty look great in a pair of jeans. Today, I have three new exercises that will strengthen your lower body, even without weights. Check out the video for: Plies with heel lifts Curtsy lunges One leg sit and stands (a lot harder ...continue reading

Three Reasons (Plus One Recipe) to Try Apples

Fall is rapidly approaching, and that means a new set of seasonal produce will soon be hitting stores and farmers’ market stands! One of my fall faves? Apples. So here are three reasons why you should include an apple a day (or a few times a week) to your diet. 1. It’s National Apple Month! There’s no better way to celebrate the more than 7,500 varieties of apples worldwide than by noshing on one. Check out the ...continue reading

Show Your Lower Body Some Lovin’ First off, congratulations to Healthy Happier Bear Ashley, who is hopefully even happier now! selected her as the winner of the Blogiversary giveaway. Please email or Twitter DM me your address and I will get your goodies in the mail. :)Next, we’re back with a new video! These three moves are perfect for targeting and strengthening your lower back muscles. And the exercises are ...continue reading

Five Fab Tips From This Month’s Magazines

You all know that I adore my magazines, especially one certain one :) So today we’re gathering one fascinating fact from each of the five big health and fitness-minded magazines that hit my mailbox every month. Here are a few pointers to make your workout more effective and your diet better for your body… Bypass the gym or park water fountain, if you can, for a bottle of H2O with finely crushed ice when the weather is extra ...continue reading

Despite my slowed down blogging schedule, I’m still around and dedicated to the best health-related news, views and moves. And fun fact: One year ago this week, Healthful Bites was born! To commemorate this event, I am hosting a giveaway for one of my readers. The winner will receive all of the above goodies (Weight Watchers pedometer, peach-scented lotion for post-workout pampering, Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar and a water bottle ...continue reading