Fun With Planks If you’ve been hanging around Healthful Bites for a while, you know that I adore planks. An effective, crunchless core move? Sign me up. So today I have three new exercises that are spinoffs on the traditional plank.  If you’re interested in tacking on more of a cardio challenge to the plank walk-outs, add a jump once you return to standing. (Ready to kick it up another notch? Do the ...continue reading

Playing Tourist in NYC

As mentioned in my last post, my sisters and a couple of their pals were in town this past weekend! Between walking all around town and chatting up a storm, we had a few little adventures. I finally remembered to tote my camera along with me, so I chronicled some of the fun via pictures! One of the evenings, we went to the musical/rock opera American Idiot, based off of the Green Day album by the same name. Very different from the ...continue reading

Holiday…It Could Be So Fine!

Am I just a total child of the ’80s, or did you catch that Madonna reference? Just popping in to say sorry I’ve been so M.I.A. lately. I’ve been booked with all sorts of exciting things, and have also spent the past few days preparing for some special visitors this weekend—my sisters and a couple of their pals! Since I’m going to be busy hosting and having a blast, I won’t be posting (although at the ...continue reading

Tiny Kitchen Tour For today’s Good for you Eats, I turned the spotlight on my kitchen—literally. After requests from a few readers, I whipped out my camera for a brief tour of my humble cooking area! (Apologies in advance for the potentially dizzying camera work.) As you can see, among other things, my fridge is a happy home to plenty of Laughing Cow, Egg Beaters, salad mix, onion, apple slices, ...continue reading

Arctic Zero Winner

Congratulations to the winner of last week’s giveaway, lucky number one, Marcia. You will soon have a six-pack of Pumpkin Spice soon hitting her doorstep! I hope you enjoy Arctic Zero as much as I do :) For all of you who Mr. Random didn’t select, remember that you can try to find some in a store near you here or order pints from Amazon. And if you get around to trying Arctic Zero and like what you taste, record a video on ...continue reading

Chop Your Way Fit Had a rough day in the classroom, office or in front of the computer? No better way to let off a little stress than to sweat it out! And another reason to try these moves on a hectic day: They incorporate chops, which are almost as good as punches to knockout stress :) Grab a medicine ball or dumbbell for the side chop rotations—and for the rest all you need is a good pair of sneakers. But ...continue reading