Your Healthful Hints (Holidays!)

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday season so far—I know that I am! Here are three quick info bits to keep you thinking healthy, even when traveling, baking or busy: 1. Lighten up your holiday cookies. Baking up some cheer in the kitchen? Tanya Zuckerbrot shares her tips to slim down your recipes without losing the taste on That’s Fit. Classic sugar cookies or snickerdoodles are made more healthful using part whole-wheat ...continue reading

Pop-up stores near Central Park.

As evidenced by the packed New York City streets—well, even more packed than usual—the city that never sleeps also never stops being a great tourist destination! In case you can’t make it this season, I took an active walking day around town (that’s my fitness-y angle ;) ) to capture snapshots of the festive decorations. So even if you’re not fighting the crowds near the Rockefeller Center tree, or its ...continue reading

Lat and Oblique Tighteners With little black dress season in full swing—happy holidays, by the way!—it’s a perfect time to remember to tighten and tone your sides! Plus, it’s never too early to keep your sights on warmer weather clothing seasons :) This workout focuses on fighting bra bulge and love handles by strengthening your lats and obliques. While you can’t really spot tone, you can ...continue reading

Farewell to 2010: Magazine Bites

“There are still nearly three weeks left in the year, Karla,” you might be saying. True! But the last issues of the year’s magazines are hitting stands (and the first ones of 2011 will hit stands hot on their tails!), so let’s get to the last speed round of fascinating magazine facts of 2010. Feel better about indulging. You don’t want to eat a whole pie, tin of cookies or cheesy casserole yourself this ...continue reading

Even More Fun With Planks Anyone who works out with me knows that I adore a good plank! Heck, I do them so often, it’s a surprise I’m not stuck in the position :) For past Healthful Bites evidence, see: here (a classic), here (more fun) and here (cardio!) So today, I’ve added even more variations to our plank repertoire. One is straight strength, another is Pilates-reminiscent and the last is ...continue reading