Blogroll Super Shoutouts (Recommended Reading Part 1)

Due to the fact that I have limited blog customization skills with Tumblr (and am too stingy to hire out this task…for now) I don’t have a dedicated blogroll. But if you checked by browser’s viewing history or my Google Reader lineup, you’d see several sites pop up again and again. So today, I am happy to present the first half of my recommended blog list! In no particular order, Healthful Bites-approved web ...continue reading

Fitness On a Roll Too often, we—or at least I— focus on cranking out reps, working hard and getting the job done during exercise. So to add a little more fun in to process, try these three rolling-based moves. A couple even give a nod to egg rolls (the gym class kind, not the Chinese food!). For this well-balanced routine, you’ll just need a stability ball and a bit of open space… And the ...continue reading

Sleep, Strength and Shopping (January/February 2011 Magazine Bites)

Since I wasn’t quite as prompt as I had hoped with the top health tips from January magazines (hint number one: February magazines arriving in my mailbox!), I decided to run a combo issue this month. But worry not! There will be plenty of fabulous facts, as I’ve added a couple of new publications to the mix this time—the healthiest kind of supersizing around :) Away we go! Step up to a better rear view. Searching for a ...continue reading

Fun Butt and Thigh Toning Exercises We’ll keep it short and sweet with today’s post and let the moves do the talking! Grab one medium-weight dumbbell, a chair (or something sturdy to lean on) and a little free space for these three exercises that will strengthen your legs, glutes and calves. They’re fun new spins on the classic lunges and calf raises that will bring variety to your lower body toning routine. ...continue reading

Pasta Primavera Please! (Plus a Minor Kitchen Mishap)

As a New Yorker, I have a habit of talking myself into finding a healthy restaurant for dinner more often than I probably should. Considering there’s such a great variety of nutritious meals offered, the (somewhat) high prices at the grocery store and a lack of time, I haven’t been taking advantage of my kitchen as much as I could. A new tool that I received from my mom and dad for Christmas, the handy mandolin, provided some ...continue reading

Progressive Ab Exercises Who doesn’t want a more toned core? I know that I’m always looking for new ways to challenge my abs to shake up my routine and keep ‘em guessing. To fill that bill, today I have a video that builds on one move and makes it progressively more challenging. Keep moving fluidly through the exercises to work your core in a whole new way! As I say in the video, try to stick with each ...continue reading