Yoga Leg and Core Toners Yoga with benefits! Take a break from our usual strength moves that often require weights with these yoga-inspired toners. They’ll limber you up while challenging your leg and core muscles. Grab a mat if you have it or slip on a pair of shoes so you won’t slide around the floor, and get ready to try these three fun exercises! Are you able to dedicate time to yoga and meditation? Or ...continue reading

Helly Hanson tank

Inspired by Jenn’s recent first fashion-related blog, I decided to do mine as well. (And thanks to Maddie for the great post idea!) As anyone who knows me can attest, I’m not a huge fashion plate, since my favorite attire is a nice exercise outfit. Not only is it the comfiest—for me at least—but the proper clothing can also make working out more enjoyable. Doesn’t thinking about donning your fantastic new top on the ...continue reading

A Male P.O.V.: Gettin’ Fit

Today, I’m happy to share with you a guest post from someone with a bit of a different perspective than I do about the wellness world! My dad Bob, a mechanical engineer and avid golfer, recently made his foray into structured gym exercise. Since I’m not nearby to hear the day-to-day stories about his gym time, I wanted to learn more about how he felt about the experience and asked him to share his story here on Healthful ...continue reading

New (Delicious) Italian Food Find!

In the past, I’ve glanced at the food section of Bed, Bath & Beyond while making my way toward the Windex or vacuum cleaners. But last weekend, I took a little extra time and popped into check out the offerings. Good move! Most of Bed, Bath & Beyond’s grocery shelves are packed with organic options, many of which are pretty nutritious too (oatmeal, soups, brown rice). What caught my eye for my first BB&B kitchen ...continue reading

New Shoulder Sculpters Shoulder-baring season is nearly upon us, friends! And in my opinion, it can’t come soon enough :) So that means it’s a perfect time to ramp up your shoulder muscle training! Grab a pair of medium weight dumbbells, a single light dumbbell and a stability ball and join me for these fun shoulder sculptors. (By the way, I’d say it’s probably wise to keep your feet on the ...continue reading

March Magazine Bites (And a Giveaway Winner!)

We have a giveaway winner! But we’ll save that until the end of the post because I love the suspense :) It’s mid-March (can you believe it?), and I’ve sifted through this month’s magazines to discover the most useful tips and bits of information. Now for four facts that especially piqued my interest: Don’t sweat it. Weight Watchers Magazine examined the why and how we perspire, and how individuals vary in ...continue reading