Spice Up Your Squats

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTjY8cg9uV4 Who doesn’t desire a tighter back side—especially around swimsuit season? Today I have three moves that are spin-offs of the basic squat, which is a surefire tush toner. The first exercise incorporates balance while dynamically stretching and is a great warm-up move before any cardio or strength routine. And the following two offer additional sculpting powers due to time-saving compound ...continue reading

Spinning Heaven: Michael Jackson Tribute Ride Recap

I have a confession to make. I’ve been enjoying one of the hottest fitness trends in NYC for months and haven’t shared details yet! But a special event this weekend has inspired me to finally spread the word. So what’s the secret? SoulCycle! OK, so it’s not so hush-hush, considering it’s been mentioned in nearly every newspaper and celebrity magazine (Kelly Ripa, Chelsea Clinton, Brooke Shields and many more ...continue reading

Medicine Ball Oblique Exercises

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5dCzdHgv2M It’s been fairly well publicized, as of late, that “spot reduction” is a myth. To trim a certain area, you have to 1. watch your diet and 2. burn calories. Then, the muscles that you’ve been working all along (through the calorie burning cardio and strength training you’ve been doing to torch those calories) will become more visible and help you achieve a strong, ...continue reading

Top Tunes: Summer 2011 Workout Playlist

When each turn of the pedals gets more difficult and every step feels like I’m slogging along, nothing gets me moving better than a fast-tempo song beginning to play on my iPod. Pacing workouts to the beat of the music will keep you motivated and working hard—research has proven this to be true! (If you’re really into the finer points of these studies, this one is a must-read. It details what they found to be the exact ...continue reading

Two Yoga Poses: Upgraded

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1kozGgbXPI You can’t bash the brain and body benefits of yoga. In fact, the slower pace is often a welcome respite for me after a week of hard core circuits, spin classes and treadmill time. But with my wandering mind and a wild drive to multitask, I occasionally have a hard time setting aside time for the more mellow forms of the “practice” when I could be pushing my strength and cardio ...continue reading

Sweetener Shakedown (Plus Snickerdoodle Pancakes!)

The weather this week has been just right to swing by a cafe for an iced tea or iced coffee—or so the long lines streaming out onto the sidewalk tell me! I’m not a coffee drinker myself (and yes, I hear that I’m crazy often) but know that when you’re given your choice of powders to sweeten your drink, there are more than a few options. So here are some fast facts about the usual suspects you may encounter beyond the ...continue reading