“Cool It” With a Summer Flashback Playlist!

Last week on one of the warmest days of a wicked heat wave, I stepped into a 60-minute SoulCycle class. With the warm air sneaking in the front door, radiating off the pedaling people and stuck in the air thanks to a struggling dehumidifier, I didn’t feel like I was bringing my “A game.” But that all changed when the amazing instructor, Jenny, flipped on “Ice Ice Baby.” It was a complete game-changer! For ...continue reading

Three Tabletop Strength Training Variations

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjSnyOJMMls A tabletop is more than a place to eat—it’s also a super-effective tush and tummy toner! Today’s workout includes three variations on the reverse tabletop. To get in the base position, sit on the floor with knees bent toward the ceiling, feet on the floor and hands resting on the floor behind shoulders. Then simply lift up your core so that your body forms a straight (or nearly ...continue reading

Healthy Restaurant Review: Dogmatic NY

When I mention summer dining, what dishes come to mind? Perhaps ice cream, watermelon, corn on the cob or a burger or dog hot off the grill? Living in a studio apartment that lacks a Weber (or any place to keep that useful cooking tool), nearly all of my grilled eats are sourced from restaurants. Earlier this week, I was feeling in the mood for something new for dinner, craving something grilled and had been considering stopping by ...continue reading

Superman Workout

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XByua_NLV1c Besides a certain wizard, this summer’s box office has been ruled by superheroes. Case in point: This Friday’s release of Captain America! I’ve been inspired by all of this heroic action and have translated it for today’s workout—we’re talking supermans. It’s a “super” move to strengthen your lower back and entire core, and you don’t need any ...continue reading

Four Must-Know Facts From July’s Magazines

While many folks are off vacationing, our favorite magazines are still hard at work sharing helpful hints this summer (nothing else compares for a beach read, right?)! This month, my favorite periodicals dished about a homemade soother for a sunburned face, a healthier BBQ entree and more. Save your red mug. Low on aloe? Look in your fridge for a scorched skin antidote this summer. Rub a frozen grape sliced in half on your face if your ...continue reading

Best Back Stretches

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-PNjvoe4Po Is your back tight or sore from that car or airplane seat? How about from hunching over your keyboard or phone? Or maybe from carrying a too heavy backpack? Grab a mat—these stretches are for you! Back pain is surprisingly common: About one in two people report symptoms each year, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Sometimes it’s much more than a little ache too. New ...continue reading