You’ll Fall For This Playlist

For this playlist I thought instead of sharing my favorite songs from fall (find my summer favorites here), I could share my favorite songs including fall or about the seasonal changes! Since there aren’t nearly as many fast-paced, cardio-ready tunes talking about or written by “falls” of some sort, this playlist is slower tempo and perfect for a yoga session or a relaxed walk to enjoy the gorgeous fall leaves (as well ...continue reading

Treadmill Interval Training Routine

This Saturday, I joined some co-workers to take part in the Fifth Avenue Mile event. It’s exactly what it sounds like—Fifth Avenue is shut down from the Upper East Side to Midtown for runners to make their way from about 80th to 60th Street. Considering I’m not a consistent jogger these days (I’m more often found in a spinning studio or my apartment trying a new workout DVD) I didn’t have huge expectations. I was ...continue reading

Soup’s On! Five New Ways to Try It

Not only is soup a great vehicle for tasty veggies, but it’s also soul-warming and comforting on even the coldest of days. How can you not feel cozy with your hands cupped around with a big mug of steaming goodness? Since fall is here, there’s no better time to put a pot of soup on and grab a spoon! I recently tried Dr. McDougall’s Light Sodium Garden Vegetable (seen below at left, and picked up at Bed, Bath & ...continue reading

Downward Dog Strength Variations A few years ago, it would be hard to get me into the yoga studio. I was one of those people who hadn’t given the zen workout a fair shake and thought it was too boring. But as I’ve gotten older (and wiser ;) ) I’ve realized how relaxing and restorative yoga can be. Just weeks ago, I attended my first hot power yoga class, and on Thursday I’m celebrating National Yoga ...continue reading

Four September Magazine Bites for a Healthier You

When I stepped outside early this morning to head to the park for the FITNESS Mind, Body, Spirit Games, the crisp air made it very evident that summer is over and the cooler, less outdoorsy and more indulgent months are on the way! So while it may be time to retire your swimsuit for the season in most parts of the country, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to put your healthy habits on hold. Keep reading for four fun facts from ...continue reading

Hike It Up!

I was lucky enough to spend this past weekend in Colorado—prime hiking territory! In fact, I think it’s safe to say I did my longest-ever trail trek. (We did this path with a little extra tacked on to the end. It was six miles of fantastic views, chatting and exercising!) That event inspired today’s Good for You Moves post, which involves a quick indoor hiking routine! You’ll need a treadmill to follow this plan in the ...continue reading