Timesaving Treadmill Workout (Just in Time for the Holidays!)

This time of year more than ever, many of us are searching for ways to carve out a few extra minutes in each day. One way to do so? Condensing your workouts by ramping up the intensity so you can get the same sweat in less time. This week’s treadmill workout requires you to pick up the speed a bit more than past plans, but that means you’ll be done sooner—more time for shopping, schmoozing or snoozing, right? If you need a ...continue reading

Trim Your Table: Thanksgiving Sides Mega Recipe Round-Up

Let the countdown begin: Thanksgiving is less than one week away! While it seems like most people have their protein of choice set (be it turkey, a vegetarian option or even a turducken!), sides are generally more flexible territory. Thanksgiving is a special day and it’s more than OK to indulge on occasion, but you can also still make some nutritious choices with all of the same flavors if you and your guests prefer! I scoured ...continue reading

Sculpting With Supersets

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz_hNXLNmF8 Skipping rest between exercises saves time and boosts your strength in a unique way compared to the traditional weight room rotation! Today’s workout focuses on supersets, which means stacking two or more exercises that challenge the same muscles group in a row with no break in between. I’m sharing a few strength moves for your shoulders and triceps, but this concept can be used for ...continue reading

Nosh on Five November Magazine Bites

The chillier temps (including some snow!) inspired me to spend a bit more time indoors early this November scouring my favorite magazines for the newsiest bits. So here are five wellness-related facts that caught my eye that will hopefully inspire you to stay healthy all November and beyond! You might see signs for “yam” and “sweet potato” used interchangeably while grocery shopping pre-Thanksgiving. But  FITNESS ...continue reading

Five-Minute Gym-Free Workout

After weeks of gym cardio workouts, I thought it was time to offer an option for those who prefer to exercise at home, outside—really anywhere that isn’t full of fitness equipment! So here is a fun routine to sneak in on even the busiest of days to get your blood pumping. You could even try it during a couple commercial breaks during your favorite TV show! Or if you have a bit of extra time, repeat this a few times with a quick ...continue reading

Workin’ It Out at Work

Back in college when I was taking classes for my kinesiology degree, workplace health promotion was one of my favorites. Why? It just seemed to make so much practical sense. Studies have found that for every one dollar invested by the company in health promotion, they get back three to six dollars, attributable to factors such as lower health care costs and increased productivity. Talk about a return on investment (so maybe I should have ...continue reading