Healthful Bites Top 11 Workout Songs of 2011

The holidays are upon us and another year is drawing to a close. It’s a time for celebration and reflection! I sifted through the tunes on my iPod and several “best of” lists to compile my 11 favorite workout songs from 2011. Included are some awesome options for your warm-up, cardio and cooldown—all full of motivating beats and lyrics (“This time I’ve got nothing to waste/ Let’s go a little harder/ ...continue reading

Three Two-Ingredient “Recipes” for One Busy Season!

With shopping, baking, parties and more, it’s easy to just grab one of those all-too-convenient cookies tempting us all at every turn. But if you have an arsenal of simple, satisfying and nutritious options at-the-ready, it will be much easier to make smart choices and save the baked goods for treats! Here are three options that are as easy as A, B…well, that’s it! Two ingredients, less than one minute to prepare—zero ...continue reading

Gaiam Zen Yoga Mat

On the hunt for some holiday gift ideas for fit (or soon-to-be fit) pals or wish list ideas for yourself? Here are five of my favorite tools to help anyone squeeze in a fantastic workout away from the gym. And for those of your playing along at home, these come in handy during my workout videos too! No one likes a sore back or bum during core exercises or slippery feet during yoga, so a mat is a must. I need any help I can get to find ...continue reading

Giving Tofu a Try (Plus a Giveaway!)

Confession: Until the very recent past, I had never cooked with tofu. I had prepared dishes with soy products of other forms—from soy crumbles in taco salads to turning soy beans into milk during an astronaut cuisine class in college (that’s a tale for another time!). But I had left the tofu prep to the restaurant pros until the kind folks at Nasoya approached me with an opportunity to try a few of their products. I took that ...continue reading

The Home Workout That Improves Your ABCs

On a frigid day, it’s not very pleasant to head outside for a walk or jog or even scamper to and from the car on the way to the gym! That’s why this home workout is awesome—you can stay warm and since it’s so compact, you can also fit it in nearly any time. And since the holiday season is so busy, it’s a good time to go back to basics—like with your ABCs! I call this my “ABC Workout” because the ...continue reading

Lighter Holiday Side: (Almost) Couldn’t Be Easier Green Bean Recipe

Around the holidays, traditional green bean casserole is the norm—cream of mushroom soup, fried onions, butter, you name it. But my Mom and I were discussing possible ways to (slightly) lighten up our Thanksgiving table and make another nutritious options available, and we decided to make over the green beans! These veggies are high in antioxidants and vitamins (C, K and A) and low in calories. It was a natural choice then for a ...continue reading