Confidence-Boosting Half-Marathon Training Playlist

As you know, I’m very new to the endurance event training world—beginning this week in fact!—so I can use any advantage I can get. :) So I recently picked out several songs that not only pack motivating beats, but also inspiring lyrics (which complement my weekly “quotes to consider” well!). This 38-minute playlist, which should be about ideal to power me through a four-miler plus a quick warm-up and cooldown, will ...continue reading

Perfect Popcorn for Awards and Super Bowl Season

Some may consider prime popcorn season to be summer—what with the vendors at fairs, baseball games and the tall, green stalks of corn popping up in the fields. But I think that now is primetime for the tasty whole-grain treat, since the Superbowl is just days away (although I’d rather just skim over this topic after the tragic end to the Packers season). Plus, movie and awards show season is in full swing, and popcorn is the ...continue reading

Plotting Out My Half-Marathon Training Plan

As I mentioned last week, my half-marathon training starts soon! I’ve consulted several seasoned racers and training programs, and believe I’ve found a schedule that will work well and will have me feeling fairly prepared by race day. (At least as much as possible as someone can be who has never run more than 10 miles in one session before!) Right now, here’s the general game plan: Walk/run or run (including one long ...continue reading

Crockpot Salsa Chicken: The Perfect Weeknight Dinner

In an effort to be more domestic for 2012, I added a mini-crockpot to my Amazon wishlist for Christmas. Since I left my parent’s home, I realized hadn’t used a slow cooker and that needed to change! What’s not to love about something that will prepare your dinner for you while you’re running errands, in class or at work? Plus your kitchen is filled with fantastic aromas all day. Mom and Dad were kind enough to ...continue reading

My Latest Fitness Experiment: Running a Half-Marathon!

My apologies for the longer than planned blogging hiatus. Time ran away with me! But I’m back and here to tell you that something else is running: Me. Eek! As of last Monday, I am signed up to participate in the MORE/FITNESS Half-Marathon on April 15.  Since retiring my high school cross country spikes, I’ve been a very inconsistent runner. I discovered that I preferred to do almost any other form of exercise more, so ...continue reading