A Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich Health Upgrade!

They say everything is better with chocolate. This guy sure seems to think so! I don’t know if I could jive with chocolate-covered broccoli or a chocolate, ham and cheese sandwich, but I can surely get behind chocolate and beans. Huh?! Oh yes, chef Rocco DiSpirito coaxed me out of my savory+cocoa fears and I’m not looking back. I’ve seen many sweet recipes using mashed up chickpeas across the blogosphere, but ...continue reading

Overcoming My Top Two Running Roadblocks

My Saturday morning got off to a great, fairly early start this weekend, as I was determined to finally make it to the free weekly yoga session that’s offered at Gray’s Lake Park in Des Moines. I was in town and had a relatively unscheduled weekend, so it was the perfect time! Storms were supposed to be rolling in, but when I woke up and it was still dry, I grabbed my mat and hit the road. Despite the threatening forecast, ...continue reading

Each participant gets a color packet to toss after the race.

While I’m less than two weeks into my official half-marathon preparations, I’m nearly positive that I’ve already completed my most fun training run. This past Saturday, my sister Sarah and I participated in The Color Run in St. Louis and had an amazing time (as you might be able to see in the above photos. Click on the images to enlarge and see captions explaining each!) We started the 5K in clean white shirts and ...continue reading


Farmers Market Ratatouille

Hello again! Where did we leave off? Oh yes! I toted home a huge selection of fresh produce from the farmers market and was brainstorming ways to put it to good use. My first thought: some variation of a stuffed pepper. But then I remembered a beauty of a recipe that I had pinned a few weeks ago with the aim of using it as inspiration for my own version of the dish. And, coincidentally, I had pretty much everything I needed on hand. ...continue reading

My New Backyard: Garden-Free But Packed With Fresh Produce

There are plenty of awesome things about my new apartment. The tall ceilings that make the place feel spacious, the fact that it’s within walking distance of the office, how close it is to scenic open spaces for outdoor workouts…and the Saturday Farmers Market that is about one block away! (Sidenote: As of the most recent grammar rules, there’s no need for an apostrophe anywhere in Farmers Market. Good to know!) True, I ...continue reading

Half-Marathon #2: A Family Affair—and My Training Plan!

Earlier this year, I took you along as I trained for—and completed—my first half-marathon. Next week, I’ll be back at it…and have convinced an entourage (AKA my sisters) to participate in the race with me! Come October 21, Amy, Sarah and I will be taking on 13.1 miles at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon in St. Louis. Besides being a fun family event, it will be a memorable day because after crossing the finish line, we are planning to ...continue reading