Long Run Mix

Last weekend, I conquered my first 10-mile race. One of the best parts about trying a new distance? Automatic PR! I was a little nervous making the long run jump from eight to 10 miles, but couldn’t say no to an event that started about four blocks from my apartment that benefited a great cause. While I’m nowhere near the fastest in the pack, I am decent at keeping an even pace throughout the race, and was happy to clock in at 1:28:39. ...continue reading

Healthy Chain Reaction: Bruegger’s Skinny Bagel Sandwich

There was a time in my life (junior high) when I would not even think twice about grabbing a Cinnamon Crunch bagel for breakfast. The doughy, sweet bagel topped with a crispy streusel? Mmm…but too bad it also came along with a major sugar crash a couple hours later. I mean, 31 grams of sugar? That’s more than two full tablespoons! While half of a Cinnamon Crunch could still be a fine splurge snack or dessert, it probably ...continue reading

5 Tips To Make Long Runs Feel Easier

With five weeks of my half-marathon prep successfully complete, I’ve had plenty of time to think about—and try out—different training tricks. At week two or three, stepping outside for a quick run a few days a week after work seems pretty routine. What’s daunting, though, are those longer runs that loom on the weekend, usually beginning around week four. “What if I can’t make it the whole way?” “Will I ...continue reading

The Best of The Twin Cities

I love my sisters. They’re funny, smart and inspire me to strive to be better each day. One of the greatest things about being back in the Midwest is being within driving distance of both of them! I visited Sarah in July (just to hang) and August (for The Color Run), so now it was time to pay Amy a visit to catch up and see her new condo that she shares with her great husband, Joe! The 10K race she was planning to run that ...continue reading