Running Awards 2012: PR-Worthy Gear, Eats and More!

It’s five days after the half-marathon and I’m alternating between “I can’t quite believe it” and “wow, now I feel like a lazy slug!” I’m trying to take it easy this week, especially for the sake of my knees, ankles and feet. But when I think back to the fact that I ran 13 miles on Sunday—and how ecstatic I was after I did it—all of my easy mini-workouts this week (and how I feel after ...continue reading

Rock ‘N’ Roll St. Louis Half-Marathon Race Recap

Woohoo—I survived! But let’s rewind a bit… I arrived in St. Louis on Friday evening and enjoyed a tasty dinner with my family at a new restaurant, Sauce on the Side. (If you’re in the area or visiting, check it out! The service was super-friendly, they were very accommodating to special order requests and the Italian food was delicious.) It’s not too often that all five of us—my two older older sisters and both ...continue reading

My Must-Have Running Accessories

It’s race week—ah! In a matter of days, I will (hopefully) be a two-time half-marathon finisher. One of these races, I’m going to make it to the end without struggling with injuries, but this isn’t that race. The tendons in my ankles and feet are acting up, so I’m taking it really easy this week and have also set a strict bed time (10:30 p.m…OK, more like 11) to try to knock out the remainder of this cold! ...continue reading

Weekend Fun: 5 x 5 Fall Facts

It’s the weekend! After a challenging couple weeks (I’m fighting another tendinitis-like issue and a cold—both a bit frightening with my race one week away!), I thought it was time to relax. Through the blogging grapevine, I spotted this fun 5 x 5 idea, in which you answer five lighthearted questions with five answers each. The “about me” post was originally shared by Lauren at Oatmeal After Spinning, and I ...continue reading

6 Things I’ve Learned as a Golfer’s Daughter

I just returned from a weekend full of celebrations for my Dad. He had a birthday last week and a big last day at the office—that’s right, he’s now retired! So Mom hosted him a big bash to honor all of the (very) hard work he put in at the office for 33 years. Besides dedication to his work and family, my Dad has taught me a lot about life through his dedication to golf. Since I’ve shared health lessons from my Mom in the past, it’s ...continue reading