2013 Summer Race Playlist

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This Saturday marks the beginning of my spring/summer 2013 race season! The first of many races on my calendar over the next few months: Saturday’s Market to Market Relay. Our team of seven will cover 75 miles (my portion is about 15 miles total). I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but considering one year ago I wasn’t sure if I’d run a second half-marathon, taking on my second relay is a bit laughable. See non-runnners, never say never! :)

Music is key to power me through races, and even more importantly, the many training runs leading up to them. I must be in the mood to dance lately, because my current playlist is full of club-friendly hits!

Stream and/or subscribe below to my latest mix on Spotify, and click here for many more past favorites.

Am I the only one who plays her favorite tracks to death, then can’t listen to them for at least a year or so after a certain point? I’d love your current favorites so I can avoid that same fate this time! Comment below with the songs you’re rocking to right now.

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  1. I thought about trying to make playlists for each leg – but I’m sticking to the radio! Just seemed like too much coordination with three separate legs to figure out, haha.

    Can’t wait!

    • That sounds like a solid plan too, Alex! I’ll probably end up just putting this on repeat. I feel so unprepared, but it’ll be fun anyway. :) See you soon!

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