January 2013 Workout Playlist

Well hello there! My apologies for the hiatus. A big blog makeover is in the works here! But while that’s brewing, why not share my current workout playlist? It’s packed with plenty of cheesy pop, a bit of rap and some dance music. Press play above to stream the mix on Spotify, or download them individually on iTunes below. Discover more of my greatest playlist hits here. “Troublemaker,” Olly Murs, ft. Flo Rida “On Top of the ...continue reading

Homemade Hearty Honey Wheat Bread


I’m not typically the type to make my own bread. With row upon row of options at the grocery store, it’s tough to talk myself into spending an afternoon in the kitchen when I can grab a loaf for less than $4. I was reminded of what I was missing during our family Christmas celebration, when my uncle brought a couple of his homemade loaves to enjoy alongside our soup. It was a delicious change of pace from the slices I find on the ...continue reading