Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites


The combination of chocolate and peanut butter brings out very powerful feelings in some people. Case in point: "Right now we're in a period of darkness. Between egg and pumpkin, there's nothing." When that dark time comes, Eating Well magazine has the perfect solution, which I've adapted to feed a crowd. And even better news than the fact that you can enjoy peanut-butter-heavy chocolate treats? This version is minimally ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special


How's your weekend going? After last Sunday's awesome group fitness training session (I begin teaching one day a week in mid-May!), I mixed it up and hit the road for a run this weekend. The weather has been perfect the past few days, making the 10 miles feel like a breeze. Well, not exactly, but the sunshine and 60° temps made the work a lot more fun! It also gave me an opportunity to try out my new kicks. So far, so good—and it was a ...continue reading

13 Ragnar Relay Dos and Don’ts


As you might have noticed in my Ragnar photo recap, the event was quite a memorable experience. And it sure was a learning experience, too. I didn't give much thought to my preparations, well, besides training and throwing some running clothes and sneakers into a bag, so I was pretty lucky with how well the relay turned out! It didn't hurt that Jenn was kind enough to take Melissa and I on a pre-Ragnar Target run. What can't you stock up ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special


Happy Sunday, everyone! What a crazy week it's been. A few people on Twitter summed up how we all felt about the Boston situation Friday night pretty well, I think. Thankfully, for me, this weekend has been a nice mix of activity (Friday morning yoga, Saturday morning barre) and splurges (brunch, afternoon sweets—recipe to come soon). Today, I have plenty of exercise ahead, as I'm taking part in a 6-hour training session to study up ...continue reading

Runners Are…


I had planned to share my top relay tips and lessons learned today, but after the events in Boston on Monday, I decided to shuffle things around. That post is still on the way, but first, I wanted to reflect a bit. As I mentioned in my last post, I've only been a "runner" for the past year. But after jumping in feet first, I feel like I am now part of the community. So it was tough for me, as it was for us all, to hear about the ...continue reading

Sunday Morning Special


Happy Sunday to you all! I took a little time this week to celebrate my one year racing anniversary with a few great outdoor runs along the lake and river near my apartment. True, I participated in a year of cross country in high school and had done several 5Ks in the past. Yet I consider my "grown-up" running hobby as launching this weekend last year when I finished the MORE/FITNESS Half-Marathon. In my early 20s, I could not imagine ...continue reading