5 Healthy Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas

I’m really not a fan of people saying you’re “last-minute” shopping for Christmas unless it’s December 24, so we’re going to skip that phrase. It is cutting it a little close to buy gifts that need to be shipped, however. And this time of year, the malls get a little crazy, am I right? :) A computer emergency meant two trips to the mall-based Apple Store last Sunday and the traffic—on foot and on the road—was intense.

The solution to these shopping dilemmas? Thoughtful homemade gifts! These five healthy ideas are a nice personalized way to let your co-worker, family member or Secret Santa know you care. You probably have most, if not all, of the ingredients you need for these projects already in your home. Translation: It’s not too late if you need to bring goodies to work or school tomorrow!

  1. imageSkinny Hot Chocolate Mix: This awesome low-sugar cocoa mix from Dashing Dish kitchen genius Katie tasted so great, I jarred it up and gave it to everyone in my department at work for the holidays! Take our word for it: this is oh-so-yummy mixed in water, milk or coffee. It tastes even better if you top it with a few mint chips, like I did above!
  2. Olive Oil Sugar Scrub: I made a peppermint oil version of this exfoliator/moisturizer last year for the holidays, and it smelled so refreshing I had to make a double batch to store in my shower. :) The minty aroma might boost energy—perfect for those drowsy winter mornings.
  3. Healthy Recipe Booklet: Dig up your most-prized dishes and pass them on! For an extra personal touch, hand write them. I’m in love with this one Heather at Then Heather Said created.
  4. Candy Cane Bath Salts: Another minty, seasonal bath treat, this salt mix looks extra-festive thanks to layers of red and white salts. But what are Epsom salts good for? All sorts of things, from easing sore muscles to adding volume to hair, apparently!
  5. Personalized Workout Mix CD/Playlist: Save this idea for those you know a little better, so you can tailor the perfect mix for them! Toss in some tunes that have special meaning for you both. They’ll think of your friendship each time they listen to the playlist!

What is the best homemade gift you’ve ever received?

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