Try it!

Want to try a move from The Biggest Loser Workout 2 before deciding to invest in the DVD? Try it! Pick up 5-8 lb. weights (depending on your current strength level) and hold one weight in each hand. Bend arms to 90*, elbows at waist level and hands directly out in front of elbows. Lift forearms out (away from body) to shoulder height while keeping wrist stable and arms at 90* angle. Rotate shoulders so that your arms form a goal ...continue reading

The Biggest Loser Workout

In honor of The Biggest Loser’s season 8 premiere, I decided to review one of the brand’s workout DVDs. I’ve been a fan since the series first came on the air—something about the transformations, emotionally and physically, draws me in and keeps me coming back. While I am occasionally frustrated by the unreasonable standard (32 lbs. in one week?) that the show sometimes sets for those attempting to lose weight at ...continue reading

My Workout Tunes iMix!

My Workout Tunes iMix!As promised to all my Twitter followers out there, here is a present just for you (and all of my lovely blog readers out there)! Follow the link to see all of my recommended workout songs, as of 9.9.09, compiled in one place for easy downloading. Find any new jams to download? Have any suggestions for your favorites that aren’t yet on my list? ...continue reading


A new baby is born! Allow me to introduce Healthful Bites. She arrived on September 2 at 5:23 p.m. weighing in at a healthy 20 clicks and 4 saves. My plans for this new blog involve rounding up health-related news and products, new workout trends and nutritious finds to save you time (and potentially money on sub-par products and restaurants). Currently, I’m planning a blogging “schedule” with three main posts per week. ...continue reading