Healthful Bites Top 11 Workout Songs of 2011

The holidays are upon us and another year is drawing to a close. It’s a time for celebration and reflection! I sifted through the tunes on my iPod and several “best of” lists to compile my 11 favorite workout songs from 2011. Included are some awesome options for your warm-up, cardio and cooldown—all full of motivating beats and lyrics (“This time I’ve got nothing to waste/ Let’s go a little harder/ ...continue reading

You’ll Fall For This Playlist

For this playlist I thought instead of sharing my favorite songs from fall (find my summer favorites here), I could share my favorite songs including fall or about the seasonal changes! Since there aren’t nearly as many fast-paced, cardio-ready tunes talking about or written by “falls” of some sort, this playlist is slower tempo and perfect for a yoga session or a relaxed walk to enjoy the gorgeous fall leaves (as well ...continue reading

“Cool It” With a Summer Flashback Playlist!

Last week on one of the warmest days of a wicked heat wave, I stepped into a 60-minute SoulCycle class. With the warm air sneaking in the front door, radiating off the pedaling people and stuck in the air thanks to a struggling dehumidifier, I didn’t feel like I was bringing my “A game.” But that all changed when the amazing instructor, Jenny, flipped on “Ice Ice Baby.” It was a complete game-changer! For ...continue reading

Top Tunes: Summer 2011 Workout Playlist

When each turn of the pedals gets more difficult and every step feels like I’m slogging along, nothing gets me moving better than a fast-tempo song beginning to play on my iPod. Pacing workouts to the beat of the music will keep you motivated and working hard—research has proven this to be true! (If you’re really into the finer points of these studies, this one is a must-read. It details what they found to be the exact ...continue reading

Tunes That’ll Make You Sweat

Tunes That'll Make You SweatAs suggested on Twitter daily, here are some of my pick workout songs from the last year! Instead of listing all of my workout song picks in an iMix, I’ve selected some of my favorites for a more manageable amount. Click on the link above (the title of this post will take you to iTunes) to visit my latest iMix full of bouncin’ beats to keep your exercise routine moving! Are any of these songs among ...continue reading