Dam to Dam 20K Recap


What a way to start the weekend! I had a very low-key Friday night, KT taping my feet and right knee (it's oh-so-helpful when your body is creaky like mine has been lately!) and preparing my race day gear before Saturday's Dam to Dam. Shorts or capris? Lightweight long-sleeve top during or just pre-race? It's always a tough judgement call no matter the conditions, but we couldn't have asked for better weather: 60° and sunny as the gun ...continue reading

Market to Market Relay Recap


Last Saturday, I hopped in a van with a bunch of strangers. Why? To run the Market to Market Relay! Alex, standing just to the left of my bright blue pants (Ha! Can't miss 'em, I guess.) in the picture above, was one of my college roommates and has recently become a central Iowa racer extraordinaire, but I'd never met anyone else on our team of seven before. Still, when Alex asked me to join the team, how could I refuse? I knew a ...continue reading

13 Ragnar Relay Dos and Don’ts


As you might have noticed in my Ragnar photo recap, the event was quite a memorable experience. And it sure was a learning experience, too. I didn't give much thought to my preparations, well, besides training and throwing some running clothes and sneakers into a bag, so I was pretty lucky with how well the relay turned out! It didn't hurt that Jenn was kind enough to take Melissa and I on a pre-Ragnar Target run. What can't you stock up ...continue reading

“We Thought You Said Dessert!” Ragnar Relay Recap

Once we had enough van time, Jenn and I explored the expo area. I couldn't resist snagging a couple pairs of Pro Compression socks once the sales rep told me they were two pairs for the price of one. It would be dumb NOT to buy, right?

In what may be the world's most belated race recap ever, I'm finally getting around to sharing the scoop from Ragnar Del Sol! My girl Jenn and I, along with 10 other amazing ladies, made up team 260 "Run to the Desert? We Thought You Said Dessert!" :) Our crew ran 202 miles across Arizona (I was runner #9, covering 13.5 miles in my first leg, 4.7 miles in my second and 3.1 miles in my final turn). We crossed the finish line in 34 hours ...continue reading

Rock ‘N’ Roll St. Louis Half-Marathon Race Recap

Woohoo—I survived! But let’s rewind a bit… I arrived in St. Louis on Friday evening and enjoyed a tasty dinner with my family at a new restaurant, Sauce on the Side. (If you’re in the area or visiting, check it out! The service was super-friendly, they were very accommodating to special order requests and the Italian food was delicious.) It’s not too often that all five of us—my two older older sisters and both ...continue reading

I Eat Half-Marathons (and Pancakes) For Breakfast

Well, maybe the half-marathon (and a peanut butter sandwich on whole-wheat with an apple) was breakfast and the pancakes were brunch…but you get the idea! :) Not that I slept much the night before, but last Sunday started off bright and early. I had a 5:15 a.m. wake-up call to get dressed, grab my gear, eat breakfast and catch the train to Central Park. You have to love weekend subway work! (Best sign seen on the sidelines during ...continue reading