This Photo May Be Harmful to Your Health

French politicians are taking on media images and hoping to mandate “warning labels” similar to those of cigarette packages, the UK’s Telegraph reports. This is a particularly interesting idea to me since I am embarking on a large research project about the power of media images of the body and current trends in image manipulation. Personally, I LOVED to see this more “average” sized woman (Lizzi Miller) in ...continue reading

Drama on the Froot Loops Front

Activists are “circulating” an online petition about Froot Loops being classified as a Smart Choice (see previous post) when they are made up of 41 percent sugar. Check out the controversy at ...continue reading

A Smart Choice?

A new labeling system is stirring up controversy among food science and obesity researchers and it’s hitting your grocery store shelves now. The New York Times introduced the program and the debate earlier this month. Click here to read “For Your Health, Froot Loops.” So why do we need another labeling system about nutritional content of food when we already have the facts on the side of the box? The president of the ...continue reading

My Workout Tunes iMix!

My Workout Tunes iMix!As promised to all my Twitter followers out there, here is a present just for you (and all of my lovely blog readers out there)! Follow the link to see all of my recommended workout songs, as of 9.9.09, compiled in one place for easy downloading. Find any new jams to download? Have any suggestions for your favorites that aren’t yet on my list? ...continue reading


A new baby is born! Allow me to introduce Healthful Bites. She arrived on September 2 at 5:23 p.m. weighing in at a healthy 20 clicks and 4 saves. My plans for this new blog involve rounding up health-related news and products, new workout trends and nutritious finds to save you time (and potentially money on sub-par products and restaurants). Currently, I’m planning a blogging “schedule” with three main posts per week. ...continue reading