Take It Easy

One downside of pushing yourself hard at a workout? A bit of soreness that lingers afterwards. You may be tempted to spend the next day in bed, but some research has found that light exercise actually helps to ease muscle soreness. Many times, I hit the road and go for a long walk and catch up on my favorite Podcast. But rainy, icy or otherwise weather-prohibitive days come around and I still want to be active. I certainly advocate ...continue reading

Thigh It!

Want to tighten and tone your hips and thighs? Who doesn’t?!? All you need to try this fun move is a light to medium resistance band. Tie the band around your ankles with the knot near one end of the band (picture 1) so you can pull up and grab the other end while standing. Keep the circled band around your ankles/lower calves (picture 2) while you take four wide side steps (picture 3) one direction (right) then four wide side ...continue reading

Try it!

Want to try a move from The Biggest Loser Workout 2 before deciding to invest in the DVD? Try it! Pick up 5-8 lb. weights (depending on your current strength level) and hold one weight in each hand. Bend arms to 90*, elbows at waist level and hands directly out in front of elbows. Lift forearms out (away from body) to shoulder height while keeping wrist stable and arms at 90* angle. Rotate shoulders so that your arms form a goal ...continue reading

The Biggest Loser Workout

In honor of The Biggest Loser’s season 8 premiere, I decided to review one of the brand’s workout DVDs. I’ve been a fan since the series first came on the air—something about the transformations, emotionally and physically, draws me in and keeps me coming back. While I am occasionally frustrated by the unreasonable standard (32 lbs. in one week?) that the show sometimes sets for those attempting to lose weight at ...continue reading