5 Tips To Make Long Runs Feel Easier

With five weeks of my half-marathon prep successfully complete, I’ve had plenty of time to think about—and try out—different training tricks. At week two or three, stepping outside for a quick run a few days a week after work seems pretty routine. What’s daunting, though, are those longer runs that loom on the weekend, usually beginning around week four. “What if I can’t make it the whole way?” “Will I ...continue reading

Half-Marathon #2: A Family Affair—and My Training Plan!

Earlier this year, I took you along as I trained for—and completed—my first half-marathon. Next week, I’ll be back at it…and have convinced an entourage (AKA my sisters) to participate in the race with me! Come October 21, Amy, Sarah and I will be taking on 13.1 miles at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon in St. Louis. Besides being a fun family event, it will be a memorable day because after crossing the finish line, we are planning to ...continue reading

Play Time! 30-Minute Outdoor Circuit Workout

The days are getting warmer and lasting longer, meaning it’s an ideal time to put your gym membership on hold (or put your exercise DVDs on the shelf) and take your workouts outdoors! The only problem with this plan: Running, walking or biking for miles on end can quickly get boring, and the muscles you challenged with the free weights and/or machines might not get as solid of a workout if you fall into a cardio rut. My solution: ...continue reading

4 Greatest Hits in My Workout DVD Library

First of all, the wedding I mentioned in my last post was a smashing success! Amy and Joe looked so happy and in love, and I felt very blessed to be able to share in their big day. More on that in another post when more photos are ready, but for now, back to talking about wellness! New workout DVDs are released every week, meaning that a simple way to switch up your home workouts is always close at hand. Yet no matter how many DVDs I ...continue reading

7 Fun Plank Variations and #PlankADay May Wrap-Up

May 31 has come and gone, marking the official end of my #PlankADay May challenge. But it was such a breeze, I’ve actually extended the fun and continued doing at least one plank of some sort a day! Why continue—especially since it’s hard to notice a distinct core strength performance difference? It’s such an achievable goal and it sure is fun to have a streak to keep up with. Since I have so many days in a row, ...continue reading

The Next Fitness Challenge: #PlankADay

When I first began training for my half-marathon, I was worried that after a few weeks, the novelty would wear off and it would get boring, monotonous and no longer fun. But the “Type A” in me loved crossing another run off the calendar and seeing the continual progress as I followed the schedule was extremely motivating! Now that I’ve crossed the finish line, I’ve been brainstorming new fitness challenges to try. ...continue reading