Concentrating on Chocolate

Valentine’s Day falls on next Sunday. Are you ready?

Considering I’m thoroughly single, I don’t have too much preparing to do :) (Except for the Valentine’s Day movie—that looks great!) Even single, it’s fun to celebrate the holiday and all those you love, especially in the middle of the harsh winter. Flowers and kind notes brighten up any day!

Many couples celebrate with dinner reservations and something that looks a little like this:

(Image from Lolah’s Tasty Talk)

Share the traditional box of Godiva’s with your sweetheart and you’ll also split the 1,350 calories and 81 grams of fat (for 27 pieces). If you really enjoy the chocolate assortment and do so as an occasional treat, then go ahead and enjoy! But if you eat the mystery bites because they are a gift or simply because they are around, I’ve got a few ideas for how to make your holiday more healthful:

  • Try whipping up one of these better-for-you chocolate recipes from Eating Well magazine. Chocolate fondue and s’mores can be fun couple activities as well!
  • We’ve talked about the benefits of dark chocolate before on Healthful Bites. I was lucky enough to try SweetRiot chocolates, courtesy of Dr. Fitness, this summer. Note: these dark chocolate-covered cacao nibs are not for milk chocolate diehards. I can only vouch for the “Flavor 70” SweetRiots (made with 70 percent dark chocolate), but they pack a bit of bitterness. But it’s much better to get a bit of bittersweet in chocolate form than bittersweet in relationships, am I right? The chocolates come in small tins, each with 140 calories and about 11 or 12 grams of fat. SweetRiot is a tasty, antioxidant-packed choice for dessert or a snack. Cupid’s Cacao Three-Pack looks like a pretty nice Valentine’s gift to me!

  • Better Health magazine also has lightened-up chocolate recipes online here. The Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Bites sure look tasty! Try whipping them up for your honey and sending them off to work with a couple on Monday to make the V-day celebrations continue.
  • For one of the most visually appealing and produce-packed Valentine’s gifts around, order an Edible Arrangement for your loved one. The company picks fantastic fruits and dips some in chocolate for an added touch of decadence.

(Image from Deal Locker)

If you celebrate with any one of these treats, your Valentine’s Day will surely be much sweeter!

Do you have any favorite chocolate recipes or items?

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