Tiny Kitchen Tour

For today’s Good for you Eats, I turned the spotlight on my kitchen—literally. After requests from a few readers, I whipped out my camera for a brief tour of my humble cooking area! (Apologies in advance for the potentially dizzying camera work.)

As you can see, among other things, my fridge is a happy home to plenty of Laughing Cow, Egg Beaters, salad mix, onion, apple slices, high-fiber whole wheat tortillas and assorted fruits. And for a treat? York Pieces, as recommended by the Fitness Magazine 2010 Healthy Food Awards!

In case you’re curious or interested in stocking up, I picked up my storage containers at Bed, Bath & Beyond. What a steal: 50 pieces for $9.99? Yes please!

What’s your fridge holding? In my opinion, that can be a pretty fascinating question, as everyone is different. In fact, there was a whole magazine article about it! If you want to share your kitchen tips or give a tour of your own, give me a holler and we may be able to set up a guest blog post. I dare you! ;)

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