Get Lucky Workout + Playlist


Have you recovered from Daft Punk overload yet? After summer of 2013′s “Get Lucky” vs. “Blurred Lines” debate, I’m still healing from the ear worm. :) It was awesome inspiration, though, while building my latest workout class playlist for St. Patrick’s Day fun! From luck to money to magic, all of the tracks on the mix below will have you seeing green while you’re training mean.

Scroll down and flip on the 20-song mix, then crank out your cardio and my new no-equipment core routine one (or a few) times. My bootcamp students were shooting me dirty looks by minute #7 in plank, but I promise it’s worth it—every other mode of exercise is easier when your ab and back muscles are strong.

Get Lucky Core Workout*

Click on the highlighted words for instructions and demos

Rest and repeat as desired!

*”Getting lucky” results not guaranteed. ;) A buff core? That we can do!

Do you have any good luck charms?

My immediate thought was, “nope.” But then I remembered that I do have a dedicated race day sports bra!

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