IMT Des Moines Half-Marathon Playlist

des moines half marathon october 2013

So apparently I’m running a half-marathon this weekend? I had quietly set the IMT Des Moines Marathon as my “comeback race” after the accident since the Above + Beyond Cancer crew would be participating in this event as well. I just started physical therapy two weeks ago and have been experiencing a few recovery pains (darn right hip!), so I decided to set my sights on 13.1 instead of the full. It will still be quite a challenge with my limited training and 10-week exercise hiatus, and I sure won’t be breaking any speed records, but running as part of Team A+B is an honor I couldn’t pass up!

More than ever, I’ll need some motivating music. Here’s my playlist so far (which would also be great for any of your upcoming race, workout classes, etc.)! Any suggestions for additions?

Here goes nothing! :)

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  1. Yay! So awesome. Aaaand I’m stealing some of your playlist – haha!

  2. Karla…you’re so sneaky! This is the best news ever! We finally will do an A&BC run together!!

    • Yay, Ashley! I’m so excited about that fact! Can’t wait to see you there, though I’m sure you’ll blow right past me. ;)

      I wasn’t sure what distance I could handle, so I made the last-minute decision to go with the half. I was hoping the full might be a possibility, but I don’t want to be too irresponsible!

  3. You’re a trooper! Best of luck crossing the finish line!

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