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Since I have an unusual affinity for health magazines, I subscribe to nearly all of them. So here are the latest fitness, beauty and nutrition findings that especially caught my eye in July issues of my favorite publications!

  • Cardio intervals not only jack up your calorie burn during the workout, but after, say FITNESS magazine experts noted in the July/August issue. So while you’re hitting the showers and traveling back home or to the office, your body will be incinerating an additional 65 calories post-interval session, compared to a steady paced workout.
  • The average woman weighs herself 6,000 times in her lifetime, according to a survey mentioned in Shape magazine’s July issue. Your clothes can be a good monitor too and won’t make you crazy like tenths of a pound can do with daily weigh-ins.

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  • Speed up to outstep strokes, Harvard researchers say. Women who walked at a 20-minute mile pace are 37 percent less likely to suffer a stroke than non-walkers. Pushing your heart keeps blood pressure and inflammation in check and just 20 minutes each day can do the trick! (Shape, July 2010)
  • Swap shaving cream for baby oil when shaving! The baby oil slicks down legs for a simple shave and won’t wash away as easily—keeping moisture locked in after exiting the shower. (SELF, July 2010)
  • Pass it on…when a pal tells you her good news, celebrate with her and pass along major kudos.  Reveling in another’s happy news can make the good vibes spread like wildfire! (FITNESS, July/August 2010)
  • Losing weight may actually be simpler than maintaining it, many dieters have found. But experts say that setting new goals over time can keep your motivation moving. Whether it’s a race or trying a new food every week, the novelty will keep things fun and set your eyes on (maintaining) the prize. Then keep with all those lifestyle changes you implemented during your diet regimen and watch the scale stay steady! (FITNESS, July/August 2010)
  • Fascinating strength training fact: you will burn 33 percent more calories after supersets versus weight sets with rest in between. The back-to-back nature rotating between two exercises that defines supersets keeps your body moving and muscles challenged. (Women’s Health, July 2010)

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  • The National Restaurant Association has noted a trend: 73 percent of adults say they are seeking to dine more nutritiously at restaurants compared to just two years ago. Mind you, this is what restaurant patrons say, not do, but thinking about good choices gives you a leg up over those who aren’t considering it (see: stages of change).  A few quick tips from Women’s Health to shrink your eating out calorie counts:

Beware of Arby’s Tangy Southwest Sauce. Two ounces of the goo has 230 calories. You could get an entire fast food grilled chicken salad for that amount!

Order “naked” at Qdoba. No, not sans-clothes, but sans-tortilla! Your burrito will come in a bowl—which is generally less messy because you side step filling avalanche disasters.

This naked thing must be a trend! Get your chicken at Popeye’s “naked” for grilled rather than fried poultry in sandwiches and salads.

Have you eaten anything at restaurants before checking the nutrition information beforehand, then regretted doing so after performing a little research later on?

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