My New Backyard: Garden-Free But Packed With Fresh Produce

There are plenty of awesome things about my new apartment. The tall ceilings that make the place feel spacious, the fact that it’s within walking distance of the office, how close it is to scenic open spaces for outdoor workouts…and the Saturday Farmers Market that is about one block away! (Sidenote: As of the most recent grammar rules, there’s no need for an apostrophe anywhere in Farmers Market. Good to know!)

True, I don’t have a green lawn or even a windowsill garden box, but once a week, my “backyard” is full of just-picked fruits and vegetables. I’d heard great things about the market before I moved, and even lived vicariously through Kristin as she visited, but had no concept about just how massive it was until I visited myself. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s about three times as large as the Union Square Greenmarket in New York! I suppose that makes sense since we are closer to “farm country,” but it’s still surprising because of the population difference.

I highly recommend checking out the Des Moines Farmers Market in person if you can (holler if you’re in the neighborhood!). To tempt you, here’s a photo preview:

{The farmers market is kind of popular. Just a bit.}

{Mounds and mounds of fresh, healthy goodies line the streets.}

{Beautiful locally-grown flowers smell amazing and tempt me every weekend.}

{When vegetables are this shiny and flawless, it’s practically a crime not to snatch some up.}

{Food stands, especially those selling more exotic cuisine like papusas and crab rangoons, are a hit at the market. Even at 9 a.m.!}

{Shirts at this stand are the perfect “fit” for this crowd. *Groan*}

{On my to-try list in the coming weeks: vegan chorizo tacos from Tacopocalypse. They earn my business by the fun name alone!}

{This is my favorite stand because of the adorable chalkboard signs! It’s also where I snagged some basil.}

{We are in the home state of the face-sized cinnamon roll, so it’s only fitting that among all of the produce sits plenty of homemade baked goods!}

{My gorgeous, colorful haul! This all cost about $10. Not a bad deal at all for a bunch of chemical-free, home-grown vegetables.}

How did I put those vegetables to good use? Come back Friday to see eight of these treats in one dish!

Do you shop at a farmers market? If so, what do you like best about it?

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