New Playlist: Dance Through 2014!


Happy first day of 2014!

As you might know, I’m not huge on resolutions—I prefer setting goals, intentions and adding things to my life rather than taking them away (why stress about omitting gluten when you’re not intolerant)? More power to you if they work for you, though! This year, my main goal is to try something completely new each week. That adds up to 52 never-done-before activities by this time next year! I’m excited to get started and explore my hometown, new cities and other adventures.

One other goal: Dance more! I was able to bust a move more than usual in December, thanks to holiday parties, weddings and other celebrations, and I was reminded of how much I enjoy it. To kick 2014 off right, I crafted a 3-hour playlist packed with dance-friendly songs  so we can all make this year the most rockin’ yet. A 130-pound person who boogies through the whole mix will burn 1,050 calories. Who needs resolutions?  (Coincidentally, these are all awesome options for your next run, spin or elliptical session, too.)

Do you make resolutions? And do you have any ideas I should consider during my year of exploring?

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  1. OMG YES, We have the same music taste! I LOVE IT. I saw Naked & Famous live a few months ago and they were so awesome. And yeah, I love Sweater Weather and The Neighbourhood in general, I wanna see them live so bad! Happy new year!

    • You saw them live?! SO cool, Kammie! I have eclectic music taste—I’m happy to hear it’s not too crazy that I’m all alone in my picks! :) My top two bucket list concerts are Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, but The Neighbourhood (or any of these artists) would be fantastic to see, too! Happy 2014!

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