NYC Health & Fitness Tweet-Up!

Yesterday, I joined a few of my e-pals for lunch at a Manhattan organic restaurant, GustOrganics—finally meeting the amazing people I chat with on Twitter or speak with on their blogs!

The conversation flowed as well as the water does at a get-together of healthy living bloggers. ;) We discussed our own fitness plans, the proposed changes to the Weight Watchers plan (two of the tweeters actually attend the same Weight Watchers meetings!), the current season of The Biggest Loser, as well as all of the fantastic day jobs among the group!

When it came time to order, I, and several of my dining pals, opted for the whole-wheat grilled veggie pizza. The crust itself was grilled too! It was almost like a sliced veggie salad topped with oregano, on top of a grilled flatbread smothered in tomato sauce. Delish!

And how neat is it that they serve the pizza on a wooden plank?

Group shot! Margo (Brooklyn Fit Chick), Alison (Foster Fitness), Sheryl (Bitch Cakes), Rob (Fit City) and Sarah (behind the camera and below in the lovely orange jacket!).

As we were getting ready to leave and enjoy the Indian summer weather, we planned to gather again soon—next time for a group workout! So if you’re around the NYC area, stay tuned and I will let you know when that is organized. It is sure to be a blast!

Have you ever met your “web” friends in person? Was it a great experience (like mine yesterday) or not-so-much?

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