Opening Up About Anorexia


A few things that made my week:

1. A new initial necklace to replace the one my parents bought me for Christmas that lasted all of two weeks before I dropped it down my sink drain. #clumsybeyondcompare

2. More than 150 of you participated in my Spartan Race giveaway! Congrats to KM Loove—the lucky winner. I’ll be in touch today with the code for your free entry!

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3. The overwhelming, touching, and generous reactions I received after my guest post over on my pal Hollie’s blog, Fueled by LOLZ. That rockstar is running a half-marathon to raise funds and awareness for Ophelia’s Place, a treatment facility for those affected by eating disorders. Those new to Healthful Bites might not know that this cause is very near and dear to my heart. Click here to read why, and know that it’s never, ever wrong or weak to ask for help when you need it and there’s always hope for brighter days ahead.

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week begins this Sunday. Find more helpful resources on this topic here.

Tell me: What was one highlight from your week?

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  1. Love that initial necklace! And your guest post on Hollie’s blog was so beautifully written, Karla. Thank you for sharing – you are an inspiration to many (myself included!) and I have no doubt you have helped a lot of people, many of whom you may not even realize, by putting your story out there.

    • It’s from Target! I’m pretty sure I need to join a support group since I shop there so much.

      Your beyond-kind words mean so much, Jenn, truly. Especially coming from such a talented writer! I’m inspired to be the best me I can be by friends like YOU. (Congrats again on the hole in one, superstar!)

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