Race Recap: 2014 Hy-Vee Road Races 10K

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Public service announcement of the day: Watch what you eat before a race!

The threatening storms threw a bit of a question mark in the plans for the Hy-Vee Road Races and the Drake Relays, as did the dinner I had the night prior. I’ve never really experienced stomach issues during a race before, but I also never had African food 12 hours pre-run. Message received that I should not do that again, body!

It was almost as silly of a fueling choice as this:

My time was definitely not record-breaking. Still, my second 10K ever was a positive experience. The Hy-Vee Road Races could be an example for any organization across the country for how to coordinate their events. The anatomy of a memorable race:

  • A wide range of packet pick-up times to fit participants’ schedules.
  • The ability to roll with the punches, including rescheduling the race ASAP to avoid inclement weather.
  • Energetic announcers who encourage each participant, from the first to the last.
  • Perky, well-spaced volunteers who are more centralized where you need them—like right in the middle of the big hills!
  • Plenty of signs to mark the route and where it splits for different distances.
  • Ample water stops.
  • A finish line placed in a location that feels like you’ve accomplished something. (This one was on the iconic Drake University “Blue Oval” track.)

And if you’re big into swag, mark your calendars for next year. In addition to your race tee, you’ll take home a drawstring bag, a pair of socks, a mug and a medal—even if you’re a 5K-er!

The forecast was not looking good this morning and lightning was striking as I pulled into the parking lot. As I tied my car key onto my shoe lace, and ditched my phone and headphones in the console to avoid any rain damage, I slipped on my cute new ProCompression Marathon Socks to bring the sunny vibes to the starting line! The half-marathon and 10K were each pushed back 30 minutes to miss the thunder, lightning and rain, and all of us were able to finish without a drop of rain or a flash of lightning.

Although I don’t generally wear compression socks during my races—I adore slipping them on after—they were the perfect choice for today since it was slightly chilly and breezy when the gun went off. It was tough to feel any blood flow differences when there’s so much else going on with your body while running. I can vouch for the fact, though, that these are super-comfy and don’t slip an inch (my main running sock pet peeve. Stay put, would ya?).

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I crossed the finish line in 55:14, just about 2 minutes shy of my 10K PR. But I did so in style, without tossing my cookies and after running from start to finish. I’ll take it!


If you’d like to try ProCompression’s gear for yourself, enter the code RAYNFOREST at checkout for 40% off any ProCompression Marathon Socks or Sleeves. These retro Marathon White, Red and Blue Stripe Socks are next on my list, as they remind me of my Dad’s early ’90s rec basketball career. Perhaps they’d be a fitting choice to don on marathon day?

(ProCompression provided their Marathon socks for review and the discount code for Healthful Bites readers. All opinions are my own.)

What makes a race stand out in your mind? And what foods have you found to be the best—or worst—choices before working out?

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  1. You’re still a speed demon if you ask me! Glad you didn’t toss your cookies, though. :) That clip from “The Office” made me smile. Oh how I miss that show!

    Love the looks of those Marathon socks. I have you to thank for my pink + purple ProCompression socks purchased during Ragnar – I love ‘em!

    So great to catch up with you tonight, as always. :) Miss you!

    • I’m still using and loving my socks from Ragnar too, Jenn! Ah, memories…

      Thank you bunches for the kind words! Here’s hoping the next race is a bit less painful. ;)

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