Rundefeated Store OPEN + More Fit News

Can you believe the week is more than half over already? It’s amazing how a three-day weekend throws off your calendar. I’m not complaining about it, of course!

I am a little nervous about the upcoming weekend, though…I’m signed up to run a 20K at the Dam to Dam, but my tendinitis has been acting up. Again. I’ve been cross training and trying to take it easy for the past week or two, but I’m still feeling less than 100 percent. It’ll be a good test to jump back in to running—either way, there’s no way I’m backing out of my 26.2 that’s coming up in just over a month. Eek!

Speaking of which, the official Rundefeated store is now open at I only have a mock-up of the white version at the moment, so please use your imagination for the silver and gold versions. Click over to learn more and order, and please tell your friends about these fun T-shirts! As a reminder, all proceeds go toward my Million Dollar Marathon fundraising efforts to support cancer-related charities.


In other news…


  • It was such a treat to be highlighted as the FitFluential member of the day on Saturday, in honor of the group’s second anniversary. Check out their Facebook page to see more fabulous fit bloggers! FitFluential also just released a shiny new (free) app. How cool is that?
  • The Healthful Bites blogroll is here! Click around on the sidebar at right >> to browse through my most-visited sites. Am I missing anything? Please let me know in the comments, if so!


  • Have you ever made recipes with protein powder? How did it go? I’ve been seeing recipes that call for some everywhere lately (exhibits A, B and C). Maybe I’ll have to give one a shot and report back!
  • Now that warmer weather has arrived, I’ve been in a big mood for salads. Nearly each day for the past few weeks, I’ve had a a big bowl of jazzed up greens with (or as) one of my meals. A happy discovery during this salad search: Panera’s Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad is back! Good thing I have a loyalty card for the cafe.



  • Fine, Men’s Health calls these the “best yoga poses for men,” but I’m not ashamed that Adam Levine and I share some of the same favorite stretching and strengthening moves. I’ve been getting plenty of chaturanga practice lately with all of that cross training and I can tell my triceps are getting more toned!
  • Ever the sucker for teen pop, my current workout playlist obsession is Demi Lovato’s “Really Don’t Care.” Totally makes me wanna…

Happy Thursday, everyone! Don’t forget to take a dance break.

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  1. Hurray for the Rundefeated store!! Loving those shirts. :) I’ll be ordering one shortly! Congrats on the FitFluential honors – well-deserved. Thanks for the heads up that the strawberry poppyseed salad is back at Panera! I’m hoping that they have something similar at the Paradise Bakery here (owned by Panera). It just hasn’t been the same so far. Last but not least, love that Jimmy Fallon GIF! Have a great weekend, Karla!

    • I so appreciate your Rundefeated support, Jenn! You are truly an all-star.

      I have fond memories of Paradise Bakery after the “real” meal we had their during Ragnar. It so hit the spot! Hopefully they’ll have the poppyseed salad, too.

      Hope you’re having a relaxing, wonderful weekend!

  2. Ooo, that salad looks good! Thanks for putting me on your blogroll :).

    Also, the one time I’ve tried to cook w/ protein powder it was pancakes, and it was a TOTAL flop. Good luck on your adventures with it!

    • My pleasure, Alex!

      I will definitely keep you posted about my protein powder adventures. I finally bought some, so now I just need to hit the kitchen!

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