Runners Are…

I had planned to share my top relay tips and lessons learned today, but after the events in Boston on Monday, I decided to shuffle things around. That post is still on the way, but first, I wanted to reflect a bit.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve only been a “runner” for the past year. But after jumping in feet first, I feel like I am now part of the community. So it was tough for me, as it was for us all, to hear about the senseless act of violence at the Boston Marathon. After seeing countless friends wear their race shirts on Tuesday, I went home, tossed on my blue and yellow race shirt and laced up my shoes to honor those we lost and to send a little “strength” out East.

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected and their loved ones, and the entire city of Boston. I think Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert nailed the way the country is feeling, so check out their comments if you haven’t had a chance.

We have learned some important things about runners, and the human spirit in general, this week.

  • Runners are brave. They run through pain. Some, after running 26.2 miles, keep on running for another 2 miles to donate blood at the hospital.
  • Runners have hope. That tomorrow’s run will be better. And heck, that tomorrow will be better.
  • Runners are resilient. As FITNESS Editor-in-Chief Betty Wong so eloquently said, “We run because that is how we keep reaching, growing, healing…In tragic times like this, we simply keep moving forward. We run for joy. We run for good health. We run for peace. That is how we finish strong.”

Inspired by the heroes this week? Join this Facebook group and commit to completing 26.2 miles (and this doesn’t have to be in one day). The goal is to have at least 23,181 participate to match the number who started the Boston Marathon this year.

Because music can sometimes be the best therapy, I’ll leave you with one of my all-time favorites that seems fitting.

Runners are also inspiring. They’ve motivated me to do something I never imagined I’d do. But more on that later!

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  1. This post was so inspiring and I loved the music! Never heard of the group but will be listening more for sure. :-)

    • Thank you so much, Elise! I was super-inspired by the strength of those at the marathon, plus, all those local police and officials on Friday. So many heroes.

      I think The Gabe Dixon Band is underappreciated! They also have another song called “Find My Way” that you may have heard of (I think it was maybe in the movie “The Proposal”?).

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