Running Comeback Playlist!


As I mentioned on Sunday, my podiatrist and arm orthopedist both told me I may be able to jump back into (at least a little) activity around Labor Day. I’m itching to get back to running, yoga, biking, strength training, etc.—I’m sorely missing my main form of stress relief!

While I stick with walking and dream of the return of my regular workouts, I put together a fun workout playlist inspired by my little accident and my subsequent comeback-to-come. :) Anyone who’s on the team’s DL can use these songs as a soundtrack to their return to the playing field:

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One reason I’m especially excited to get back into my sneakers is that I was recently chosen to be on the Oiselle Volée running team for 2013-2014! It’s such an honor to be an ambassador for this strong female-led brand and be in the company of so many amazing athletes (find the whole crew on Twitter here). So what does it mean for upcoming races? I’ll be rocking Oiselle gear, sharing my results with the Oiselle “flock” (the logo is a bird, get it? :)) and cheering on teammates as they race, too. And although I’m the only Iowan among the Volée, hopefully I can participate in at least one event with some of the other Oiselle runners!

Enough about me, what is YOUR ultimate comeback song?

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  1. Welcome to the team! Glad to get some other midwestern states repped for Oiselle :)

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