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Running Awards 2012: PR-Worthy Gear, Eats and More!

It’s five days after the half-marathon and I’m alternating between “I can’t quite believe it” and “wow, now I feel like a lazy slug!” I’m trying to take it easy this week, especially for the sake of my knees, ankles and feet. But when I think back to the fact that I ran 13 miles on Sunday—and how ecstatic I was after I did it—all of my easy mini-workouts this week (and how I feel after ...continue reading

7 Lucky Recipes to Help You Get Your Greens

Besides hosting March Madness and the start of Daylight Savings (don’t forget to spring forward on Sunday!) the third month of the year is known for two other celebrations—the combination of which inspired this recipe round-up. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up next weekend and National Nutrition Month is going on now! St. Paddy’s is generally celebrated with green beers and gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins. However, ...continue reading

My Top 5 Non-Food Treats

When you finish a week’s-worth of hard workouts or make it through a particularly busy day successfully, you deserve a reward, right? All too often, however, we think of that reward as spoon + pint of ice cream or burger + fries (or your food splurge of choice which may cancel out all of your efforts in the gym). Since you do deserve to give yourself props for a job well done—and show some love with Valentine’s Day ...continue reading

YOUR Arctic Zero

The brains behind the site My Arctic Zero and the fantastic products I reviewed last week spotted my not-so-subtle request for a reader giveaway. And this is one of those very gratifying times that prove the saying “ask and you shall receive!” Arctic Zero’s Garrett was kind enough to contact me and offer to send one of my readers a six pack of the brand new Pumpkin Spice flavor that is just hitting store shelves ...continue reading

Pop These Chips in Your Cart!

Here’s a fact about me that I don’t believe that I’ve shared yet: Nearly everyday I have an afternoon snack. That’s right…snacking isn’t off limits in my world! I find that the time from breakfast to lunch is no big deal, but if I don’t have a bite between lunch and dinner, I’m usually quite ravenous by the time the third meal of the day rolls around. As often as possible, I try to pack ...continue reading

Eats to Sleep Sounder; Fat or Obese?

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done my usual Good for you news post—it’s about time to get with it, don’t you think? Away we go! Nod Off Noshes Over the years, you’ve probably heard countless tips about foods that will induce sleep. That Thanksgiving feast makes you drowsy? Must be the turkey! Can’t put your mind to rest at the end of the day? Sip on a tall, warm glass of milk. While this ...continue reading