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In the town that invented toasted ravioli, churns out gallon after gallon of Ted Drewes rich frozen custard and racks up countless bottles of Anheuser-Busch beers, is it possible to grab a “healthful bite?”

Well if the options are available, you know I would find them! While visiting my sister right before school started back up, we saw the Mary Poppins musical at Fox Theatre, walked around Forest Park (see picture below) and hung out in her posh downtown loft apartment.

IMG_1698 by you.

Of course we also dined at several St. Louis restaurants. One of my meals was fresh, affordable and tasty (although I would order it with a different sauce next time)—our lunch at Crazy Bowls and Wraps. Apparently this is a chain, but I had never heard of it. I wish there were more near me! Even the philosophy of the restaurant makes me happy: providing an alternative to fast food restaurants that serve highly processed dishes by selling balanced, flavorful meals.


Sarah’s choice (left) was the chicken fajita bowl with brown rice, and I went with the teriyaki chicken superbowl with steamed veggies and brown rice (right). I decided that teriyaki sauce was a bit sweet for me, but it was still a tasty and nutrient-dense meal overall. Another plus? The condiment bar full of salsas, sauces and dips to customize your meal. Some of the menu offerings even listed nutritional content, which is especially great since St. Louis establishments are not required to offer this information as some cities are. If I go again (which is likely since I’ll try to drag Sarah back next time I’m in town!), I’d like to try the zesty beans over rice bowl.

At the location we ate at, the service was fast and friendly and the atmosphere was pretty nice—not amazing, but what do you expect of a “fast food” chain? Local event-related newspapers were available for reading while waiting for your order and large windows look out on a “main drag” near St. Louis University (Sarah’s alma mater!).

We also hit up a CHEAP farmer’s market to stock up on produce. Check out the delicious offerings!



That’s another great timely good for you eats tip: go to your local farmer’s market ASAP to get some great deals before they shut down for the season. Nearly every item that’s in season can be found at a significant savings compared to the grocery store version, plus it tastes much better!

Thanks for the fun trip Sarah. Let’s do it again soon and find some more healthy fun ;)


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