Sunday Morning Special


Even though the calendar has said it’s been officially spring for a few weeks now, it’s finally beginning to feel like it weather-wise the past few days in my neck of the woods. (I think my prediction last week made it happen. :) ) To celebrate, I’m planning to head outside for my first non-treadmill run of the season later this afternoon! Yes, I admit that I’m a cold weather wuss when it comes to running.

While I’m out, take a look at these fun finds from around the web:

  • I think we all might be able to relate to this feeling after a particularly tough fitness class. You hit the nail on the head, What Should We Call Me!
  • Somebody please force me to stop reading stories like this guest post by Mile Post’s Dorothy on Saucony’s site…she’s going to talk me into signing up for 26.2! Many of the life lessons Dorothy shares that she’s learned from marathons are strikingly universal, though. “The mind is a powerful tool. When your body hurts make your mind run your body.”
  • A girl can only eat so much plain grilled chicken. That’s why this list of 50 new ways to use the protein, by Nikki at Chef in Training, is oh-so-pinnable. You could make a few easy ingredient swaps to healthify many of the recipes, but some are already quite nutritious. Crockpot Santa Fe Chicken, anyone?
  • Do you have 10 minutes? Then you have time for this awesome ab-toning routine from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers. I love the mix of cardio and strength, which is key when it comes to sculpting that six pack. :)
  • Just in time for spring break—and almost summer vacation!—Claire at Rhymes with Claire tells Trying to Heal readers how travel helped her body image. Seriously, a must-read!
  • I’m planning to return to this inspiring post often during training season when I experience any pre-run doubts to “get my head straight.” Repeat after Lauren from Health on the Run:”I am strong. I am able.”

What do you tell yourself when times get tough during a workout?

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