Sunday Morning Special


Happy Sunday to you all! I took a little time this week to celebrate my one year racing anniversary with a few great outdoor runs along the lake and river near my apartment. True, I participated in a year of cross country in high school and had done several 5Ks in the past. Yet I consider my “grown-up” running hobby as launching this weekend last year when I finished the MORE/FITNESS Half-Marathon. In my early 20s, I could not imagine that this would be my reaction whenever I hear someone mention a new race within driving distance of my hometown. But what can I say…I’ve caught the bug!

Best of luck to all who are running as we speak, as well as those amazing individuals toeing the starting line in Boston tomorrow.

What else has been inspiring me this week? Read on to find out…

  • Keeping on the topic running, Melissa at Live, Love and Run started an enlightening discussion about physical “gifts” and how we interpret and take advantage of them (or not).
  • Even if you don’t feel like you have the gift to exercise each day, you can knock out Bess Be Fit’s “I Don’t Feel Like Working Out” routine. It takes just 16 minutes start to finish and will surely get your heart pumping!
  • For those of you who might be trying Bess’s fast workout because you’re short on time, check out Greatist’s 27 tips to get more done each day, which can also probably help us all carve out more time for exercise—or more sleep.  My strengths: 5, 16, 21 and 23. My (current) weaknesses: 4, 7 and 20. How about you?
  • Vegan tacos do exist! Sidenote: Does anyone else think of the holiday M&M commercials every time that phrase “they do exist!” pops up? Just me? :) Anyway, Susan from Fat Free Vegan transforms lentils, cauliflower and spices into a ground beef substitute with delicious-looking results. Definitely another recipe to add to my to-try list.
  • Katie over at Dashing Dish developed the perfect sweet treat for your weekend—or maybe even your breakfast this morning: a Banana Bread Protein Shake. What a genius move to use cottage cheese for a protein boost and shake thickener!
  • Will you be joining Carla’s MizFit “Take What You Need” mission?
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