Sunday Morning Special + 5 Slim Cinco de Mayo Recipes


Somehow, we went from spring on Tuesday (top) back to winter on Friday (bottom)—such crazy weather across the Midwest this week! I learned my lesson battling through a windy 6-miler on Wednesday, so I rocked yesterday’s long run on the treadmill. It certainly was not the most exciting run I’ve ever done, but thanks to some new tunes and a couple good podcasts, I made it through 12 miles. My longest non-race run yet!

This morning, I’m off to book club (bucket list item: check!) to discuss Lean In, and tomorrow, I teach my first group fitness class ever. The 6 a.m. Monday session should be a fun challenge to add to my weekly agenda!

I’m not forgetting about Cinco de Mayo, of course. Dinner will likely involve something topped with my favorite condiment: salsa. If you’re interested in celebrating the holiday without breaking the calorie bank, I can help…


And now, some of my favorite news and views from around the web:

  • The average person gets enough dietary iron, but health experts say that active females, in particular distance runners, may need as much as 30 percent more iron than normal. This handy chart from Vegan Mainstream lists 10 plant-based sources of iron to keep your energy levels high. Meet your daily goal with 1 cup cooked quinoa, 1 cup cooked spinach and 4 ounces of tofu. Not so tough, right?
  • Now that we have some serious food business out of the way, can we talk about how cute Naomi’s Banana Split Mini Bites are? I’m definitely pinning this recipe so I can revisit Baker’s Royale for inspiration before warm weather parties.
  • Workouts need not be hours long to be effective! If you make the minutes you have quality minutes, short exercise sessions can absolutely change your shape—not to mention your energy levels. Angela, from Happy Fit Mama, and Christine, from Love, Life, Surf, teamed up to publish 5 30-minute at-home workouts that I’m anxious to tackle.
  • Today, our farmers market officially opened for the year. The conditions don’t make it feel like Memorial Day is around the corner, but the produce stands sure make it look like it! I can’t wait to stock up on the goodies to make Liz’s five salads that take less than five minutes. The Pumped Up Kale idea she shares on I Heart Vegetables just screams “summer picnic.”
  • Because a visual reminder is never a bad thing…WiseGeek shows what 200 calories of different foods really looks like. Weigh your options!
  • I’ve been really getting into yoga as my recovery workout of choice lately, and I generally have pretty good luck mastering the poses. But some of them just make me laugh when the instructor even suggests them. Case in point: side crow. Jen makes it looks so easy with this tutorial on Peanut Butter Runner, so maybe I’ll have more guts to give it a try again next time!

What has been the highlight of your weekend so far? And are there any workout moves that intimidate you?

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